Complia - Corporate Compliance Management

The Complia service was created to support companies and consultants in a new dynamic vision of compliance, the road to the realization of the full corporate sustainability.

Complia is an innovative method based on so-called "expert systems" that brings together in one area:

  • Next-generation information technologies
  • Knowledge of the business dynamics in various sectors and markets
  • Competence in the regulatory apparatus specific and sectoral

The goal of the CPMS (Compliance Process Management System) by Complia is to make DYNAMIC the Organisational, Management and Control Models, through the adoption of adequate supporting functional architecture that:

  • it integrates easily and at low cost with the data and the processes of existing enterprise information base
  • it completes the informatization of any deemed sensitive processes not covered by the company's IT system
  • it encodes the rules relating to the management and interpretation of all the information, events and documents subject to monitoring and control
  • it encodes the monitoring and control processes of the sensitive activities for the non-compliance verification with business dictates, regulatory, certification and law.
  • it encodes the rules and the parameters for the monitoring and control processes
  • it collects and certifies systematically all of the information, events and documents that come from the daily performance of activities considered sensitive and therefore subject to monitoring and control
  • it manages the system for monitoring and control of activities and events
  • it records and certifies the monitoring and control activities
  • it record and highlights any non-compliance, reporting it immediately to the authorities empowered and activating workflow for the resolution and the closure of non-compliance
  • it makes the data available, in an efficient and organized mode, to make possible adequate controls by the relevant Bodies
  • it provides methods for measuring the performance.

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