SMR – Smart Metering Reading Platform

Presented in preview at the Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona, the project SMR plans to build an intelligent system for monitoring and control the technology CITY networks, (Water, energy or services). Using innovative technology ‘internet of things’, the SMR system allows you to raise the level of city networks online interaction that are not prepared for the digital control, taking them to integrate fully with smart-cities systems.

The SMR system consists of an interactive "smart“ units network, specialized in different duties, and a wireless units geographic network (router and gateway) for the smart units connection. All smart SMR units are long-life battery powered (5-10 years) not need permission to install, not need specialized operators intervention. The different SMR units detect technical parameters (flows, pressures, voltages, power, etc.), plan and implement switching and adjustments, collect measurements directly from ‘smart’ meters, or optically from mechanical meters. The network is designed for the control and measurement from other types of citizens utilities (car parks, car-rent, bike-rent, etc.)

The georeferenced "SMR" platform is the main cloud control system, a real control-room for the monitoring, planning and control of all the technological networks of city. It allows to prevent accidents, damages, losses, infringement and illicit uses of the networks. The 'SMR' system include an application platform for contracting, billing, customer satisfaction, and all the functionality to economic and physics managing of the network, but thanks to interoperability tools, can interact with all it/ict control, planning, maintenance and billing systems of the city.

The platform provides citizens handy app on pcs, smartphones, tablet for the use of many useful services, for example: consumption control, verification of losses or losses, comparative analyzes, policy savings, booking services, etc.).

SMP - Service Management Platform

The project involves to bould a fixed / mobile mixed system, placed in the cloud, for the planning, management, monitoring and control in the field of maintenance and technical operations of technology assets (buildings, infrastructure, plant, machinery , equipment, systems, etc.).

WSX – Waste Service eXchange platform

R.S.C. collaborates with partner Computer Solutions to create the innovative WSX project, the first real stock exchange digital platform in Europe for the listing and the free and open exchange of transactions relating to materials and waste management services.

MLDI – Machine Learning Data Intelligence

The project aims to analyze the various information flows managed in the company for a better awareness of its information assets. The activity is aimed at inventorying the information flows and the databases of the company information system, those that may derive from future projects or from external data bases, and to identify the possible scenarios of use of the data, also from a Machine Learning perspective, to improve decision making or predict / automate processes, including, in particular, efficient purchase / sales management, response to user needs, product / service quality control, predictive maintenance, compliance.

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